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Sabuwar waka Halifa sk hasken rayuwa

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Adını Sen Koy Episode 31 English Subtitle

Monday, 17 September 2018

Music :: DJ Consequence – Vanessa Baby ft. Wande Coal

Music ::  DJ Consequence – Vanessa Baby ft. Wande Coal
The Vibes Machine, DJ Consequence features
Wande Coal on his new single titled “ Vanessa Baby ”.
The new banger ‘ Vanessa Baby ‘ produced by
Dapiano .

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MUSIC: Sarkin Arewa – Kamar Ba Kai Ba

Music ::  New track from. Sarkin arewa funny music jst for the. Fans kamar ba kaiba M&M by papjizy


Health and services :: 5 Skin Supplements You Could Use To Make Your Skin Glow

5 Skin Supplements You Could Use To Make Your Skin Glow
Sep 15, 2018 11:06 AM
5 Skin Supplements You Could Use To Make Your Skin Glow

Skin supplements are the rave of the moment. More beauty brands are dishing out their versions of beauty you can swallow and it’s a bit overwhelming. How do you know which ones to buy? Which ones do you need? Are they even necessary?

Well, like the name suggests, these skin supplements aren’t meant to replace, but rather accompany your current vitamins. Skin supplements are specific to the skin and are in no way meant to substitute vitamins meant for your entire body. But does this mean you don’t need them?
Every organ in our body has a need, and we must try to meet them. Our skin needs specific vitamins to ensure its health and longevity. That’s where these supplements come in. Vitamins like biotin, vitamins A, C & E all work to give the skin all it needs at every point in time. But it is our job to find out which ones work and which ones are better left on the shelf. Some vitamins, when not applied topically, cannot make it to the skin and end up not being effective. And some can.
Here are 5 you definitely want to consider.


5 Skin Supplements You Could Use To Make Your Skin Glow
Photo: Walmart
Biotin has been a constant in skincare products for a long time. Its benefits include promoting healthy nail growth as well as hair maintenance.


5 Skin Supplements You Could Use To Make Your Skin Glow
Photo: Cooking Light
Collagen is by far the most popular skin supplement in the beauty industry today. It helps keep sagging at bay but does not aid youthful skin or promote firmness (sadly).

Vitamin A

5 Skin Supplements You Could Use To Make Your Skin Glow
Photo: iHerb
This is a wonder vitamin with tons of benefits. It aids in the healing of eczema, sunburns, and acne and promotes collagen and cell regeneration. However, it is important to note that you should not ingest too much. An overdose of vitamin A could spell disaster for your health.

Vitamin C

5 Skin Supplements You Could Use To Make Your Skin Glow
You may have already guessed this one. Apart from its skin brightening and anti-aging properties, this vitamin can also boost the skin’s barrier and protect it from UV rays.

Fish oil

5 Skin Supplements You Could Use To Make Your Skin Glow
Photo: Target
We’re sure we aren’t the only ones whose parent’s have bottles of this. lol! But they might be on to something. Fish oil actually works wonders for the skin. The fish oil helps to hydrate the skin and is rumored to remedy acne.
There are tons of skin supplements out there just waiting for you. But we recommend starting with these 5 and working your way up. Please remember to always research any supplement before ingesting and speak to your doctor for advice on which to take.
If you still want glowing skin but are scared to take the pill, let Dimma Umeh take you through her skincare routine.

Friday, 14 September 2018

[Music] Saniyon M Inuwa -Mariyatul Kifdiyya

Music :: Sabuwar wakar mawaki saniyon m inuwa mai suna ” Mariyatul Kifdiyya ” wakar da yayiwa masu masoyiya mariya domin suma susananayi dasu a fagen masoya.
– Mariyatul Kifdiyyaaah
– Kina sona ina sonki bazamu rabebaaa
– Kifdiyya nazo gareki bani masauki inda zani kwana
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– Nataho da tambura na doka miki sarauniyata
– Kasa samun sanyi a raina
– Sirri na raina shi zanatona
– Tunani naki dare da rana

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Tuesday, 11 September 2018

[Music] Hamisu Breaker -Diyar Fulani ( Offical Audio )

Music :: Sabuwar wakar Hamisu breaker mai suna ” Diyar Fulani ” waka wace aka buga da kidan kalangu duk cikin nishadantar da masoya da sauran masu sauraren wakokin hausa.
– Hamisu breaker hayaaa
– Kauna tana kirana
– Dan Allah dawo diyar fulani
– Domin ki aminta ki kulani
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– Sirrin dake a ranki bani
– Kuma ni ban wuce ka’idaba
– Masoyiya sanyin idaniya
– Gamo dake riba sarauniya
– A duniya samun masoyi riba
– Bikin danai nasan ba zaki jaba
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MUSIC: Chizo – Hassada Ft. C Man & B.O.C MADAKI

Music ::  A hip pop lecturer straight outta from Kaduna known as Chizo A.K.A Arewa tayi dimi back with another track tagged ‘Hassada’ which featured One amongs the bilinguals artestes from Beehive (Bauchi)Boc
madaki and (concept man).
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Friday, 29 June 2018

Gobarar motar dakon mai ta kashe mutane a Legas

Wata tankin dakon mai ta kama da wuta a Legas da ke Najeriya, inda jami'ai suka ce gobarar ta kashe akalla mutum tara.
Sama da motoci 50 ne wadanda suka hada da bas-bas, suka kama da wuta a lokacin da motar makare da mai ta kufce, sannan man da take dauke da shi ya malale a kan hanya.
An ce motar ta fadi ne sanadiyyar katsewar burki.

Gobarar motocin dakon mai abu ne da aka saba gani a Najeriya, wadda ita ce kasar da ta fi kowacce fitar da mai daga Afirka zuwa kasuwannin duniya.
Ana safarar irin wannan mai ne ta hanyoyin mota a kasar, wadanda ba su cika samun kulawa ba.
Gobarar ta ranar Alhamis, ta faru ne da misalin karfe biyar da rabi na yamma, a kan babbar hanyar da ta tashi daga Ibadan zuwa cikin birnin na Legas.

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

What Happens When I Retire?

Health insurance considerations weigh heavily on the
minds of people wanting to retire before Medicare
coverage kicks in at age 65. Many people put off
retirement simply because the cost of an individual
health insurance policy is too great on a limited

What options for health insurance do you have if you
choose to retire before age 65? Although they are not
required to, you may be able to get COBRA-like
coverage from your employer.


As an added retirement benefit, your employer may
allow you to pick up the premium on your policy;
although paying 100% of your premium may initially
appear to be an expensive option, purchasing an
individual policy apart from a group may be even more
costly and not provide you with the level of coverage
you previously had.


Some companies are offering basic high-deductible
insurance reasonably in the hopes that they will be
able to enroll you in Medicare Part C (supplemental
insurance) when you retire.

Another option is to budget and save money to cover
your anticipated medical costs for the time period
between retirement and age 65. If you are in very good
health, this may be a viable alternative for you.

Pre-planning for retirement is an important issue; the
earlier you start planning, the better. Realizing the
Medicare does not pay all of your medical expenses,
you should budget money for medical expenses even
after retirement.