Tuesday, 8 December 2015

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I fell in love with this guy but at first we didn’t take our relationship serious because we were still young and also time and space wouldn’t let us be, so we decided to go for studies as time passes by even then we still had hope that we would meet and start from where we had stopped. Somehow along the way we lost communication and lost hope so we both got new lovers.

so I fell into a relationship with this other guy thinking he was too serious with me because everything he did was quick, before I knew what I was already introduced to his mother sister and brother. I got so excited about it and put all my hopes on this guy. He wasn’t that rich and his family was so humble compared to mine but he still kept saying they had a lot of wealth but didn’t want to show it because they have enemies that envy them, despite the fact that i knew he was lying all I cared was being in love with him.

He used to have a lot of problems every time I was with him, he was thinking a lot about his daughter from his ex girlfriend. He always needed money for his daughter’s treatment, money to pay his rent and so on, seeing him unhappy would disturb me a lot to the extent that I decided to always lie to my parents to get money to solve his problems. Even when I didn’t get it from my parents I would sell my clothes, shoes and jewelries to make him happy even though I had never seen him buying me anything. I reached a point where I had nothing else to sell and my parents had become strict on me because they noticed I asked a lot of money every time and when he saw I was silent about getting him money, he started selling my assets like laptops, and every expensive garget I had until he couldn’t sell any other thing of mine.

It was at that time that I discovered he had never needed me in his life. All he needed was money and assets and when I was left with nothing he saw no reason to be with me. He started cheating on me to the extent that I got to know that for all that while he was still in love with his ex after all they had what bound them together and so the only option I was left with was to quit in pain and regret. Regretting the time i wasted with him and all his lies to get money out of me.

I tried dating other guys but I would breakup with them within a day or two so I decided to give myself space and time not until I found him, him that i fell in love with in my childhood, him that we left our spirits burning. I felt that day was a blessing I never expected yet it was right facing me so it became so easy for us to connect because I thought we knew each other all we were waiting for was to be together. We had fun together, we were madly in love as I thought not until things started changing out of the blue. My dream boy started getting weird, he found me disgusting for no reason, he started getting angry when I did even the slightest mistake. I got so confused with him and I felt so bad him getting mad at me without any reason, I kept on insisting on him to tell me what I had done wrong not until he confessed to me that his life had turned into a mess because he made a girl pregnant yet he wasn’t interested in her. He told me he was scared of loosing me because of what he had done to me because he loved me and cant stand being without me. It hurt me at first but I became patient with him, I was so supportive to him even when he requested to put our relationship on hold to sort out his mess I accepted because he said the girl had been pregnant without his conscience and all we prayed was for her to give birth and separate but troubles came in when he said the girls parents wanted a forceful marriage.

Lucky enough the girl got a miscarriage and I thought everything was sorted out because after all he didn’t want the girl or the pregnancy because that would even be an extra burden to him, he had a son but I got so shocked when he told me he loved both of us and that he couldn’t let any of us go yet when the other girl was pregnant he always

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