Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Ghanaian Actress Begins No Panty Campaign For Ladies

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Blanche over the weekend launched a marketing campaign to prevent women from wearing panties.

For the marketing campaign, she is advocating for ladies above the age 18 to prevent wearing panties as that could be a important purpose of the genital infections.

speak me at the quick rite to outdoor the Blanch foundation’s ‘Operation remove Your Dross campaign, the actress disclosed that the vagina is a touchy part of the frame, which desires respiration area.

“Physicians have said that the woman genital needs to breath to preserve its PH tiers to save you fungi and odour. In that connection, expert medics inside the fitness fraternity have advised going naked underneath whilst it's miles bedtime and on the near of the day for passage of air to that essential area.

toddler Blanche further revealed that she has been panty-less for the beyond seven years, which has stored her from getting illnesses.

experts studies and my very own experience as well as colleague compatriots, i have come to realise that I, Blanche Worae ( baby Blanche) and my basis can say on authority with out worry that a lady without panties can go away a more healthy existence. So am entreating all Ghanaian girls to sign up for me in going panty-much less for healthy existence.”

The actress real name Blanche Worae at the day also talked about her first self-produced film, Trophy which premieres on October 14 at the Siverbird Cinemas.

She asked that enthusiasts come out in their numbers on the most desirable for presents might be shared.

Watch her explaining her marketing campaign inside the interview under:

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