Sunday, 10 September 2017

Stunner! How 2 Lesbian Women Pounded the life out of And Consumed In Makurdi (Realistic Photographs)

Two lovely women were beaten and set on fire by some irate horde at the 'Proprietor's Occupier territory' in Makurdi, Benue State for professedly including themselves in demonstrations of lesbianism. 

Reports have it that the two women were gotten in the demonstration and were stripped exposed, beaten and set burning in the city by occupants of the region. 

In any case, the Benue State Police Order has precluded learning from claiming the report, saying that few endeavors to get the points of interest of the report had demonstrated unsuccessful. 

The new was down and out by Every day POST and they affirmed talking with the Benue State Police Expert, Moses Yamu stated, who said "We have seen the story via web-based networking media however report has not been made. 

"Regardless I question if this occurred in Benue. By what method can such occasion occur in Makurdi and the police is not educated? Anyway, we should let general society know once we are finished with our examinations."

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